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As the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic spreads, technological applications and initiatives are multiplying in an attempt to control the situation, treat patients in an effective way and facilitate the efforts of overworked healthcare workers, while developing new, effective vaccines.

WHO has gone into extensive research looking at the ten highly effective different technological domains that are helping the fight against this pandemic disease by means of innovative applications. These innovation are namely, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Open source technologies, Telehealth technologies, Three-dimensional Printing, Gene-editing Technologies, Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Drones and Robots

Recognition and Accolades

Innovation & Excellence Award 2021

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 (Award Winner) – Health Technology Specialists of the Year

Slingshot Top 500 Global Startups

SLINGSHOT 2020 – Top 500 Global Startups in HealthTech (Enterprise Singapore & Agorize)

Corporate Excellence Award 2020

Corporate Excellence Awards – Most Influential Leader in AIoT Technology 2020 - Singapore

25 Innovative Companies 2020

25 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020 (The Chief’s Digest)

10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020

10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020
– 360 HealthTech (Analytics Insight)

Top 10 Influential Women in HealthTech

Top 10 Influential Women in Healthcare Technology
(Healthcare Global)

10 Most Eminent Women Leaders

The 10 Most Eminent Women Leaders in Healthcare 2021

Corporate Excellence Award 2021

Corporate Excellence Awards – Most Influential Leader in HealthTech 2021 - Singapore

Global Business Awards 2021

Global Business Awards 2021 – Best in AIOT Technology 2021 (Enterprise Singapore & Agorize)

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Tech Deployment on site

From prevention to cure, Singapore builds upon a strong biomedical foundation and a diverse innovation ecosystem to take on COVID-19. Public and private players have been rapidly innovating solutions from the start.

Singapore’s innovators rallied quickly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, from delivering detection methods powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in weeks, to launching human vaccine trials in a matter of months. Such speed is possible because of Singapore’s strong foundation in health and biomedical sciences, and its persistent focus on innovation.

From preventing the spread of the disease, to testing and potential life-saving treatments, companies, both big and small, are partnering with public institutions, tapping on deep local expertise to ensure there’s an innovation to take on the virus every step of the way.

Diagnosing from a distance
While a cure is in the making, smarter telehealth solutions are helping us diagnose and detect remotely, offering consultations and tracking wherever people are.

We are bringing medical consultations online across APAC. COVID-19 Medical Advisory Clinic onboard offers consultations through a full-suite app. Within five minutes, users can consult a doctor and get checked. And if a COVID-19 infection is suspected, the medical team is on hand to provide online and in-person assistance.



We Provide the Best Solution to help community stop the pandemic spread

Increase productivity, efficiency and compliance so employees can focus on higher-value work by automating routine, repetitive tasks. Part of the industry-leading Intelligent Automation Platform, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes end-to-end automation happen.

Smarter robots

With embedded AI and cognitive capture, our robots extend healthcare preventive capacity, applying cognitive services to think, act upon and interpret data.

Connected systems

To accelerate workflows in a contactless mode and reduce systems disruption, robotics integrate data into legacy systems and new enterprise technologies.

Faster deployment

Low-code and no-code development enables community users and cross-border developers to design, build and run robotics solutions across workflows, managing healthcare preventive issues effectively.

Technologies we use to build AIoT and RPA solutions

Cognitive AI

Computer vision

Intelligent OCR (iOCR)

Machine learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cognitive intelligent RPA

Cloud Architecture

Software As Service (SaaS)

Fuzzy Logic

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Chat Bot

Predictive Analytics

Language Translation

Intelligent Automation

Natural Language Processing (NLP)


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