Building a Business-to-Government experience is our credential

Business-to-government, also known as business-to-administration, refers to trade between the business sector as a supplier and a government body as a customer.

B2G, which stands for business-to-government, refers to the business relationship a company can have with a government institution. It commonly refers to the offering of products, services, or information online. However, we use the term for traditional business procedures too.

We also call this way of doing business B2A, which stands for business-to-administration. The term refers to a company doing business either with the government or the public sector.

“Business-to-government (B2G) is a business model that refers to businesses selling products, services or information to governments or government agencies.”

B2G – bids and tenders

In many cases, government agencies work with pre-negotiated contracts. The government puts out tenders which companies bid for.

To put out a tender means to ask companies to say formally how much they would charge for a project.

We call each formal submission a ‘bid.’ The government selects one of the bidders, and that company gets the B2G contract.

These contracts exist at national, state, or local level.

The state government is our biggest client.

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